Training Initiative Of The Year

Initiative Name: Hands-On Training for Engineers

Company: Mitsubishi Electric

Date of Launch: 4th April 2022

Supporting Statement

In April 2022, Mitsubishi Electric’s training team launched the Ecodan heat pump hands-on training, which sees 10 engineers a day receive full training on live systems.
This is a complete revamp of previous customer visits with training that is now far more interactive, and tests both the skills and the knowledge of the engineers attending.
This builds on and enhances the online, blended learning developed during the pandemic.
The training team also used the launch event to assess what elements of this hands-on training can be filmed and re-used to increase online learning.
Initially, the company has been running 8 hands-on training days a month but this will be expanded depending on demand. Mitsubishi Electric already has a waiting list of 200 people so plans to quickly increase this aspect of training.
The next steps for the hands-on training is to expand it to include air conditioning training and then ventilation. To this end, new equipment is being installed in the Hatfield training suite.
Mitsubishi Electric is also developing training facilities in its Manchester and Livingston offices, with other regionals offices in Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham and Reigate, being turned into specialist centres.
Mitsubishi Electric completely revamped its engineer training during the COVID pandemic and now, with an online learning platform, trains double the number of heat pump and air conditioning installers saving both customers and the company money, while also reducing carbon emissions and waste.
The pandemic called for a complete rethink as all customer visits were halted and the response from Mitsubishi Electric’s training team was to develop an online, blended learning programme that enabled customers to train at a time to suit them.
The training has been exceptionally well received by customers with 99% of attendees saying they would recommend the training to colleagues.
Mitsubishi Electric has now expanded the reach and opportunities for training even further, with an increase in the number of online courses and this launch of new hands-on training.
This is vital for existing HVAC engineers, who still need training on new equipment and ongoing compliance with F–Gas. It is also hugely important for the industry if it is to respond effectively to the challenge of increasing the use of renewable heating systems such as air source heat pumps.

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded the opportunities for training, with an increase in the number of online courses and this launch of new hands-on training.
During 2020/21, The training team developed blended online learning to cover:
– Air conditioning – City Multi VRF Design & Application Course
– Air conditioning – City Multi Installation and Commissioning Course
– Air conditioning – City Multi Monitor Tool
– Air conditioning – City Multi service and fault finding
– Heat pumps – Ecodan Part 1 – Design & Application
– Heat pumps – Ecodan Part 2 – Installation & Commissioning
– Heat pumps – Ecodan service and fault finding
– Ventilation – Lossnay MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)
Over the past 12 months, these have been expanded and now include:
– Air conditioning – City Multi Hybrid VRF
– Air conditioning – City Multi Hybrid Branch Controllers
– Air conditioning – Split air conditioning
– Heat pumps – Ecodan reskill for previously trained customers – giving them an up-to-date refresher to our latest product range and design and delivery specifications
– Commercial Heat pumps – Ecodan CAHV
– Ventilation – Residential Lossnay
The launch of this new hands-on training expands this approach and answers the need for practical training to assist the development of qualified engineers.
As an industry, we must find better ways of engaging with heating engineers to give them the skills to replace antiquated and carbon-intensive gas and oil heating. And we need to do it fast if we are to get anywhere near the government’s target of 300,000 heat pump installations a year.
We also need to find practical, innovative ways to allow engineers to test their skills and knowledge on live air conditioning and heat pump equipment. This is the thinking behind this new course, which is now being planned for a roll-out across the companies training facilities over the next three years.
As of the end of March 2022, Mitsubishi Electric had 6,022 registered places on our training course over the last 15 months. This is a 101% increase compared to 2018/19 pre-pandemic numbers.
We have seen a 345% increase in the volume of heating courses and a 11% increase in the number of air conditioning courses.
The training receives 99% customer satisfaction and 99% said that they would recommend our courses. There have literally been hundreds of positive comments and feedback, with some of the most recent comments including the following:
– Innovative and interesting
– Very well put together training course with lots of useful information
– Didn’t feel like a sales pitch that some manufacturer training courses can be. Lots and lots of useful information that I will use in the future.
– Great summary of systems and applications
We have also seen a 782,860 reduction in printed paper sheets, saving the company over £62K and a reduction in plastic folders of over 6,000, saving a further £15K.
Training costs for customers has reduced from £145 to £50 per course and customers no longer have the additional expense of with travel, hotels, and time off work.
The pandemic offered everyone the chance to assess the services and training that they provide to customers and Mitsubishi Electric took that opportunity to completely revamp its approach.
This led to more training, in a more blended, online approach that not only saved customers time, money and reduced their carbon footprint, it also helped increase understanding and allowed them to train at a time to suit them and their companies.
Now, with the launch of practical hands-on training, Mitsubishi Electric has re-invented the connection between engineers and the equipment they are charged with installing, commissioning and maintaining.
Not only has Mitsubishi Electric revised its training completely, this has led to a fundamental redesign of its training facilities, so that they go beyond mere showroom and present customers with practical issues to solve that they will encounter in real-life.
The tasks now for Mitsubishi Electric is a three-fold approach to build on the success of this approach:
1) Expand the number of hands-on training facilities across the companies 7 offices
2) Expand the range of courses to include air conditioning
3) Use existing links (such as BESA) to expand the range and options available

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