NEW! Apprentice of the Year

Nominee Name: Grace Roberts

Company: Kimpton Energy Solutions

Supporting Statement

Why do you feel your apprentice deserves to win this award?

Grace joined Kimpton in 2020 at 17 years old on a Business Admin Apprenticeship supporting the Estimating Manager. Within a few short months, she had shown such an aptitude and enthusiasm for Building Services Engineering that she was offered an HNC Apprenticeship. She is now 19, due to complete her first year at college and on a pathway to become a Mechanical Estimator. She has consistently met and exceeded expectations of her and has very quickly become a key and valued member of the estimating team. She goes far above and beyond her duties for the good of the building services engineering industry as I’ve explained below.
Please give examples of outstanding performance of your apprentice through the apprenticeship process: Having started by sending out enquiries Grace is already pricing work under supervision – the highest value tender she’s worked on so far was £500k. She is supporting the whole team of Contracts Engineers with O&M manuals, customer feedback questionaires, social value reporting etc in addition to her general duties in the estimating team. She is also working to support the business development team by producing case studies, org charts, CV’s and other supporting documents. She has also recently started networking and has signed up to CIBSE young engineers and recently accompanied me to the Liverpool Downtown in Business Women in Business Awards – her first awards event.

Please give examples of any adversity your apprentice has faced during their apprenticeship and how they overcame it?

Grace joined Kimpton during the Covid 19 Pandemic and as such her mentoring and college work has been disrupted. She has worked tirelessly throughout and still acheived all her goals. As Kimpton’s first female technical apprentice she is the only woman working in the Contracts Department office and despite her age has shown herself to be confident and resilient. She holds her own when office banter occassionally gets out of hand and is willing to challenge some of the stereotypes inherent in a male-dominated industry such as Building Services Engineering.

Please give examples of any exceptional citizenship and impact your apprentice has delivered during their apprenticeship:

Grace works with me to deliver Kimpton’s social value strategy which has involved supporting me to deliver careers talks to school students and care leavers. This has led to her being asked, and accepting, the volunteer role of Liverpool City Region Enterprise Advisor. Kimpton are now paired with a local school, Prenton High School for Girls, where Grace has been going into the school and talking to them about her role at Kimpton and encouraging more girls to consider a career in Construction. The teachers have been very impressed with the positive impact she has had on the students and how honestly she has answered their questions (and reservations) about what working in a male-dominated industry is like. She will shortly be supporting the school to deliver the Gatsby benchmarks by showing the maths dept how maths is used every day in her job and demonstrating this to the maths students.

Any further supporting information that you think would support the nomination:

I have been incredibly impressed with how quickly Grace has integrated into a team of men and shown how valuable and capable she is. She has challenged sterotypes and is actively working to encourage more young women to follow in her footsteps. We need more young women like Grace if we are to diversify our workforce and train enough engineers to meet the Uk’s net zero targets. She literally is an inspiration to other young women.

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