Wholesaler/Distributor Of The Year

Company: E. Tupling

Website: https://www.etupling.co.uk

Supporting Statement

As a manufacturers distributor representing the major building plastics and underfloor heating (UFH) brands in our industry, E.Tupling are fiercely passionate about providing expansive-choice and value-driven service.

We believe that in the past year we have established a new and innovative approach to distribution. The belief to bravely-lead, the desire to be better-than-the-best alongside the ambition and energetic-vision to transform has driven E.Tupling to live and breathe customer-centricity. Distributing excellence, adding real-value and enabling merchants to thrive and shine even during todays unprecedented pressures. We believe that it is our unrivalled-service, expansive-choice, limitless-support, speed, versatility and technical-knowledge to adapt that truly distinguishes us apart from other suppliers.

Complex Climate
In this current, complex climate of uncertainty, raw-material shortages, rising-costs driven by price increases and inflationary pressures, E.Tupling take great pride in being a solutions-provider to our customers. Providing resilience for our merchants by expanding our brands, ranges and products to provide much-needed alternatives, more choice and a constant always-available distribution mantra.

Furthermore, we have:
• Executed a series of ‘Inflation-Plunge Price-Drop’ campaigns, offering heavily discounted price-cuts on over 300 products across 14 different product-categories[APPENDIX2.5]
• Increased our transport-fleet to enable speedier nationwide deliveries, facilitating faster-turnaround and enabling emergency orders
• Extended our opening hours and introduced Saturday deliveries
• Provided more options on how customers obtain their orders; next-day delivery, direct-to-site, drop-shipping, or an exclusive same-day ‘Click&Collect’ service which rewards our customers with an incentivised 5% discount.[APPENDIX1.4]

Research/Commercial Innovation/Technical Expertise
We conducted thorough research on UFH to ascertain a deeper understanding of our customers’ UFH/Renewable’s needs and drivers. As a result of the findings, we have re-strategised and expanded our complete offering to include UFH systems, air source heat pumps, ventilation and floor preparation, enabling merchants to satisfy their entire renewable and heating needs from just one supplier[Appendix2.7]

The over-riding theme captured by our survey, revealed that merchants have limited time to sell UFH, and are put-off by its complicated technical demands. As a result, pro-actively, we have:
• Launched the first-to-market UFH app and web-tool exclusively for merchants. This instant-quote app enables our customers to easily-quote and sell UFH with the full-support, confidence and consultancy provided by our dedicated UFH team from start-to-finish.[APPENDIX2.6] This is a perfect example of providing our customers with competitive-advantage, the impact of the initiative proved an increase in UFH/Renewable sales of 20%.
• We invested heavily in enlarging our technical-expertise department who provide personal, complete-support and consultancy for UFH/Renewables. Unique within distribution, we oversee every UFH order from pipe-layout design through delivery to installation. We liaise-directly with our merchant’s customer throughout the entire process, making the UFH order a simple invoicing-exercise[Appendix1.7]
• Organised a series of UFH training-workshops to assist merchants, sharing knowledge, confidence and a real competitive-advantage[APPENDIX1.6]
• A new-look catalogue emphasising product and system benefits, in-turn provided customers with easier ordering.[APPENDIX2.0]

Our employees are our valuable technical investment, we have increased our highly-specialist and experienced-personnel by 12(Oct21-Aug22) bringing the new total to 33. For example, hiring a renewables-consultant and aligning dedicated-marketing and sales-specialist functions to specifically-tailor our after-sales service to delight merchants whilst providing vital competitive-advantage through knowledge and marketing-materials to maximise their sales effectively.[APPENDIX2.4]
Winning ‘Best Independent Underfloor Heating System Provider–UK’ in the Build Awards 2022, highlights our dedication and value-add as a leading distributor.[APPENDIX1.2]

Customer-centricity is at the heart of our business. Our growth and exponential-development are testament to the relationships we enjoy with our customers.[APPENDIX1.2] No other distribution-supplier hosts an annual-event bringing merchants and manufacturers together in the UK! Our 2022 event attracted more than 150 merchants and key industry-personnel. 24 market-leading manufacturers fully-championed the event and showcased their latest products, leading-industry magazines attended and £500 was raised for charity. We always support our customers’ trade-days and champion industry-exhibitions.[APPENDIX1.3]

Furthermore, one of our merchants requested to ship an order to South-Africa! Illustrating our truly dedicated support, we removed the complexity of shipping globally and seamlessly organised the entire operation. We picked, packed, loaded and distributed the whole shipment on our customers’ behalf, providing a first-class unrivalled-service and creating a huge competitive-edge for our customer, on a global scale![APPENDIX2.3]

Delivering real-value, exceeding customer expectations and going the extra-mile to support our merchants during challenging times. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer testimonials.[Appendix 1.1]

Strategic Marketing
Continual improvement is at the heart of our business and strategically aligning the needs of our customers with our own objectives is very important to us. We don’t just supply products; we care and endeavour to always provide so much-more than just a transactional customer-experience.[APPENDIX1.0] To reinforce our unparalleled-service, we have implemented several communication-channels to keep our merchants fully informed with industry-news, promotions, new-product launches and to maintain close-relationships. These include regular branch-visits, educational-workshops, events,[APPENDIX1.6] bi-weekly newsletters,[APPENDIX2.2] industry-press editorials and advertisements.[APPENDIX2.1&2.7]

We have hired our first apprentice, highlighting our dedication and commitment to the industry. It’s been a huge success and we will continue to invest in future-talent for the wider benefit of our sector.[APPENDIX1.5]

We don’t measure ourselves on customer satisfaction, our objective is customer delight. We believe that by always delighting customers that we are exceeding satisfaction and building strong mutually beneficial supply relationships.

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